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Flirt Branding & Package Design

I started out this project with the intention of taking a fictions makeup brand I had created for fun a while ago and revamping it taking it to the next level. I went to Target to look at makeup packaging and found myself drawn to the skincare section more! The packaging was all so gorgeous and I felt so inspired, so I shifted my brand to a skincare line.


The makeup brand I had previously created was called Flirt, and was a sassy makeup brand that complimented the consumer. I wanted to do a twist on this for the new Flirt; the skincare line. Flirt will be a body positive and self-love skin care brand that spreads those values through their products and packaging. The target audience would be young adults, ages 18-35. They would be people who are eco-conscious and consider themselves feminists. They would value skin care as self care. They’re active on social media and find a lot of product recommendations from their socials.


For the design direction, I at first wanted the packages, even the boxes to be unique shapes to echo their body positivity. Unfortunately technological limitations working in Adobe Dimension made me put that on the back burner and use more traditional shapes. I designed the branding identity, a cleanser, a vitamin-c moisturizer and a face mask with playful and flirty copy. Not shown here are the color iterations to come to this final design - I started out with pastels at first and they were too light and not impactful enough. These bright colors really pull in the attention.

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