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Happy Day Design Co. brand


Happy Day is my passion turned business. I started freelancing digital portraits during my senior year of college to earn a little bit of extra money. In May 2020 I won a grant from Her Campus’ The Aussie Business Plan Competition which allowed me to expand to paper and novelty products! I also take on design and branding clients through Happy Day. It's been a great way to expand my portfolio while working on my UCLA certificate.

When I rebranded Happy Day to what it is now at the end of 2019, I wanted the brand identity to personify the brand values and goals: "We are on a mission to inspire, empower and bring joy to our customers through the power of creativity. We hope to deliver a little bit of happiness with every store purchase, custom art piece and brand design. You deserve to have a happy day!"

The shapes that I wanted to incorporate were smiley faces, rainbows or sunshine, as all of these shapes symbolize happiness. I started out sketching several pages of logos and then developing the strongest ideas in Illustrator. The final shape that I selected is a wide arch that symbolizes both a rainbow and a sunrise. 

Once the colors, logos and overall feel were defined, I had fun with the product photography. Harsh shadows, bright colors, disco balls and bright flat lays have become an integral part of the Happy Day experience.

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