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Cyn Type Title & Album Cover Design

As a class assignment, I chose Cyn as an artist to create a type title for because her music is heartfelt, vintage, unique and indie all at the same time. I wanted to create a design that was evocative of these feelings. I browsed for fonts and imagery as I listened to her music and I gravitated towards super funky and retro fonts as well as trendy, grainy pictures.

The moodboard I created was partly her past album covers and partly pictures I found on Pinterest that felt like the same vibe. After brainstorming a list of words that felt like they fit the Cyn vibe, I narrowed them down to indie, romantic, eclectic, nostalgic and vintage. In a design sense, I feel that those words translate to round shapes and unique letterforms.

In my sketches, I played around with tracing the fonts and adding something different to each one. I also added retro sparkles to several of them and really liked that element. For some of the sketches, I even played around with slicing two different fonts in half and merging them together.


Ultimately, after revising these sketches in Illustrator, I ended up choosing a variation of my very first sketch. I used the font, Grandeur, from Creative Market. The designer of this font described it as "highly stylized," "utterly unique," and "a bold choice for a bold soul." I feel that these phrases all describe Cyn and her music. The only letter in "CYN" that had the squiggle was 'Y,' so I added that squiggle to the other letters as well. I felt that the squiggle was a really strong element that fit well within the other letters.

To create the album cover, I overlaid different textures and colors on top of a photograph as Cyn. I wanted imagery that was eye-catching, but didn't take attention away from the type title I created.

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