Lecca Social Media Campaign

Design challenge: educate Lecca's consumers (young millennial/older generation z) about a new ancient root they discovered, Rumamba, and it's health benefits.

As I do with any design project, I started out with pen and paper to jot down what I knew and any ideas and thoughts that came to mind. I also researched similar health food brands that targeted around the same consumers. As a graphic designer, I wanted to figure out a solution that best showed off my design skills. Some ideas I floated around with were Out of Home Advertisements, a merchandise line, and a social media campaign. I ultimately decided on a social media campaign because the target audience are very heavy social media users. 


Before I could start with designing social media assets, I needed a brand. A solid brand foundation will help the company be recognizable. Since my main focus on the project was the social media campaign, I went with a simple type logo with a few variations. I designed this logo in Adobe Illustrator, and played around with probably over two dozen fonts before deciding on a font called Bropella. Bropella felt fun, modern, fresh and funky, which was the direction I wanted the brand to take. Next was color selection. The two shades of green symbolized the health aspect of Lecca, and the pinks, oranges and reds symbolized warmth, friendliness and happiness.


After getting the basic brand identity nailed down, I sketched out both grid ideas and graphic ideas. Aesthetic grids are big among the target audience which led me to designing a grid that was patterned with graphics and images. From here, I used a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop to design each graphic. Illustrator was the primary tool, and Photoshop was mostly used to delete backgrounds, and to add the Lecca brand to the chip bag. I aimed to make each graphic eye catching and strong enough to stand on its own, but still a team player.